How to recognize an accessible publication? Look for this sign!

How to recognize an accessible publication? Look for this sign!

Very soon – in 2024 – Lithuanian publishers will have the opportunity to receive the badge-certificate of an accessible publication, which will help readers to recognize and find accessible digital text publications on e-commerce or reading platforms more easily.

The sign "Accessible publication. Certified by LAB" will be provided by the Lithuanian Audiosensory Library, which is developing a certification system for accessible publications – the only one of its kind in Lithuania.

Accessible publication features:

  • text is recognized by screen reading software (usually used by people with visual impairments or dyslexia);
  • illustrations, graphs, diagrams are accompanied by alternative text or audio description;
  • convenient navigation ensured by active content, links, and footnotes;
  • if the publication is in audio format, the audio is synchronized with the text;
  • a friendly typeface (sans serif) is used;
  • depending on the functions available in the reading device, the ability to change the contrast, text size, alignment, spacing between letters and lines is provided.

The certified accessible publication sign contains a turquoise circle on a white background. In the circle on the side there is the capital letter A depicted horizontally (the first letter in the word "accessibility") and, in general, the text symbol). Because of such depiction of A in the circle, the sign resembles an open eye. Next to the logo is the inscription: "Accessible publication. Certified by LAB."

This sign was created by Ignas Kozlovas, creative director of the agency "Nebraska": "In the certification sign of accessible publications, we deliberately avoided usual symbols, such as a check mark or a human figure symbolizing accessibility. Our goal was to create a sign that would not only mark an accessible publication technically, but also talk about the possibilities it offers – to see, to watch, to read in ways that a printed book does not provide. As a result, the motif of the eye, which encodes in itself letter A for "Accessibility", was very deliberately chosen. "

The purpose of available publications is to ensure that all readers (including those who are unable to read regular printed text) are able to purchase the publication at the same time, in the same way and at the same price. Because an accessible publication is one book for different reading needs.

Is your digital publication accessible? You can consult with LAB’s specialists by e-mail itraukiojileidyba@labiblioteka.lt or by phone +370 658 21387.

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